At DP Attorneys Inc. our team of dynamic professionals actively assist clients in achieving the best possible outcome when instituting divorce proceedings and are equipped to handle the matter all the way to trail, should the matter not become settled.

Gavel and wedding rings for divorce concept

At DP Attorneys Inc, we do Divorces differently.


We can assist our client to choose the quickest and easiest way to get Divorced, which is always the most cost-effective option available. 

Divorces can either be unopposed, meaning they are capable of being settled from the outset and or opposed, where the parties cannot agree from the outset.

An unopposed, meaning that both parties agree that they want to get Divorced and we as Attorneys merely need to assist with the process, we assist client by dealing with the main issues and assist client to finalise a settlement agreement and then assist the parties by guiding the process through the proper channels, this type of Divorce is cheaper and simpler and would be more cost effective.

Very often divorce matters require associated services such as Rule 43 (Rule 58 in Regional Court) procedures, interim applications and relief, children’s Court matters, family advocate interventions. Contact us in order to assist in these circumstances.