correspondent work

The team at DP Attorneys Inc. offers its professional and efficient services as Correspondent Attorneys in both the South Gauteng High Court, as well as the various Magistates court that fall within our jurisdiction.


Our correspondent services include but are not limited to:

Urgent applications and matters about to prescribe.

Service and Filing.

Sourcing and drawing of archived files, uplifting documents and general file enquiries.

Indexing and Paginating.

All court appearances trials and applications, with or without counsel.

Uplifting original court documents.

Drafting bills and attending taxations.

Proceedings in terms of section 65.


Our office falls within 15 kilometres of the following areas:






Our fee structure is as follows:

We strive to provide correspondent services at affordable rates based upon the relevant Magistrates Court tariff. You are welcome to contact us to discuss possible bulk instructions and agreed fees in respect thereof.