In many instances evictions needs to be done for defaulting and “stubborn tenants” who either fail to pay rental and who can not afford to pay rent.

Defaulting tenants are often well aware of the rules which prohibits a landlord from forcefully evicting defaulters by his or her own means. These unlawful occupiers often only move once forced out by the sheriff via a legitimate eviction process. In these situations, the sooner you act the faster a result will be achieved.

Our office has noticed a sharp increase, in property “hi-jacking”, whereby people merely move into a property and claim that they are either the owner and or they are renting from a person claiming to be an owner. The police are not able to do anything about this situation as these unlawful occupants use various tactics to evade prosecution by the South African Police Services. The only option is to follow the prescribed procedures as contained in the Prevention from Illegal Evictions and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act. The only way of taking back your property, is by way of a formal eviction order authorising the removal of the unlawful occupants.

Time is of the essence in these matters and the moment that you become aware of the occupation of any unlawful occupants you will require dedicated legal services.

Contact us and allow us to guide you through the process.