care, contact and maintenance

DP Attorneys Inc. provides assistance and sound legal advise to parties who are seeking to either apply for maintenance order, increase the maintenance they are being paid by a former spouse, or alternatively, seeking to decrease the maintenance paid.


A child’s needs are always of paramount importance but this does not mean parties may use a child in order to prevent or abuse the maintenance paid by one party to the other and we endeavour to achieve an equitable outcome for our clients.


Let our team at DP Attorneys Inc. assist you in the legal process best dealt with by professionals who understand the array of tactics used to attempt to avoid paying a reasonable amount in maintenance – and how to confront some with various legal mechanisms – ensuring that you and your family are fairly maintained.


We provide assistance to parents who do not have contact with their children, to establish and maintain contact with their children, who are in the care of another party, We similarly provide assistance to change the primary care and residence of a minor child, where the current situation of the child is not in the child’s best interest or the child is being subjected to abuse.


Further we provide assistance to parents who are seeking to curtail the contact that another parent has with a minor child, if that contact is detrimental to the well-being of the child or the child is being subjected to abuse as a result of the above-mentioned contact.