criminal law

DP Attorneys Inc. have a unique, vibrant, young team of Attorneys who are able to assist their clients by furnishing them with long-term competent results to any Criminal Law issue.


At DP Attorneys Inc. we are determined to break the mould when it comes to practicing law. If you have ever been arrested you will understand how daunting and uncertain it is.


Our professionals assist clients with bail applications both at the police station and at Court. As we understand how unpleasant this situation can be, we strive toward protecting the rights of our clients during this time. Our main objective is to return you safely back home to your family, should the circumstances permit.


Most criminal matters are unreasonably delayed and the process can be drawn out for longer than necessary. We aim to alleviate this frustration. Our professional approach amplifies our clients rights to adequate representation and fair proceedings.


We are able to carry criminal matters all the way to trial and the conclusion thereof trough sound advise and a voice of reason when deciding on which approach to take.


Our team is always on standby and thus able to assist at ANY Police Station regarding your Bail Application needs. Should our assistance be required, kindly contact our 24 hour number on, 074 130 8311.