Our Conveyancing department can assist you with the transfer of a property whether you are buying/selling, or as a result of a divorce/ from a deceased estate. We aim to attend to all necessary tasks within the transfer process timeously, while keeping all parties to the transaction informed of progress and ensuring that all parties understand the procedures within the transfer process. We keep our clients best interests at heart, and ensure that our clients are satisfied.

The transfer process encompasses quite a few different tasks. The process and tasks usually associated with a transfer can be summarized as follows:

·         Instruction received and necessary documents requested from client.

·         Bond cancellation figures requested.

·         Apply for municipal rates and levy clearances.

·         Draft necessary documents.

·         Provide bond attorneys with the necessary information and documentation for purposes of the bond.

·         Parties sign documents.

·         Submit SARS transfer duty declaration.

·         Payments in respect of rates and levies and transfer duty submitted in order for clearance certificates and transfer duty receipt to be issued.

·         Ensure that all finances are in order.

·         Prepare for lodgement of documents at the relevant Deeds Office.